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Choosing the Best Paint Colors for Bedroom? 

Have you thought of repainting your room because you suddenly realize colors can affect mood and your room should be a space where you feel most relaxed?  

This is the very reason why selecting paint colors should not be done without second thoughts and a lot of research; it can affect your productivity, relaxation, and even your stress management in general.   

According to color psychology, particular colors may induce certain feelings. For example, bright red and orange may be stimulating to the senses while blue colors may induce secure feelings. And although the research in this area is still inadequate, there is already a large number of anecdotal accounts exist.   

But first thing first, ensure that you hire only the professional service if you want that perfect repainting output. We recommend Midland TX house painters if you are in and near the area for the flawless panting service you will ever get.   

The second thing you need to put in mind is to take into consideration the mood you will like your room to have. Do you want to feel relaxed and cozy whenever you get inside your bedroom? If so, use pastel colors that will bring you these kinds of moods. Muted paste colors, of any sorts, create a serene space for you. They are soft to the eyesight and give you that dreamy sense of feel. Colors that are typically bold and sharp to the eyes can be softened by pastels. So, all colors have their paster counterpart.   

The third thing to consider is how spacious you would like your room to look? While this may sound shocking and counter-intuitive, darker colors actually make the room space looks larger than it actually is. The technique, however, is to avoid drowning your room with dark colors and try to have a balance of dark and white colors, making the former more prominent. Of course, if this does not suit your fancy, you don’t need to force dark tones on your paint color. Instead, look for alternatives that will make your room bigger such as installing larger mirrors on the wall and such.   

The fourth important (and the last that we will share here) thing to remember is to be minimalist if you want to have a cleaner look. To be honest, bold colors and patterns are returning this 2022. However, trends as they are, you do not need to commit to them if you want to be minimalist with your style. Still, less is more if you just know how to put things into their proper places. Opting for little colors is also economical when you are on a tight budget since you will never purchase different kinds of paints. Moreover, it is efficient when you struggle to commit to a color of your choice. In this way, being overwhelmed with a wrong choice will be prevented.   

Remember that it is all about bringing out your personality and choosing according to your preferences. After all, you are the one who knows what you will like in your own personal space.   

Fallacies About Tree Roots You Need to Stop Believing  

Your knowledge about your trees and their roots is actually more beneficial than you might think. It can prevent structural damage and may even save lives. Specifically about tree roots, there are many things that you can read online. But which of these are true and which of these are false?  

It is no news that most people believe that they read, see and hear from their environment, whether offline or online, without doing further research that will validate these pieces of information. And this is where we fall prey to doing bad decisions about planting and taking care of our plants and trees, and even our property in general. With this, we realize some trees need to be cut down as they impose danger due to improper tree maintenance.  

Note: when it comes to cutting down or removing trees, always contact professional services like tree service Midland TX, as it is not advised that you cut them down by yourself. Tree removal can lead to accidents if improper handling is done.   

By knowing the fallacies about your tree roots, you will minimize the chances of accidents, tree removal, structural damage, and more.   

The first fallacy is that all trees have single tap roots. Taproots are the main root of the while root system, which grows vertically and downward. Well, there is some truth to this fallacy though as most trees really have taproots during their seedling phase. However, the taproot will eventually grow into lateral and feeder roots as the plants grow and mature. Where does this false information come from? Seedlings that are planted in the deep soil usually grow roots below the tree trunk and these roots are commonly thought of as taproots. The thing is when these plants are planted in shallow soil, these roots do not form; only those typical lateral and feeder roots do grow.  

The second fallacy is that the root system looks the same as the trees’ branches and trunk. There is no truth to this. And although this may happen in some cases, the roots usually extend up to three times in width than what you see on the branches and trunk.   

The third fallacy is you need to stop believing that the canopy dieback happens on the similar side of the damaged roots. This is not wholely a fallacy though. Most of the time, this happens; however, this can also be on a case-to-case basis. For instance, this occurrence can happen in mahogany and oak trees. However, maple trees don’t showcase this phenomenon. When diagnosing or identifying damaged roots, it is better not to use this assumption because results may vary.   

The fourth fallacy is that the deeper the roots the tree has, the more nutrients and water the tree obtains. Roots that are a few inches from the ground usually get the most water and nutrients. In fact, fine roots that are found in the shallow part of the soil are the ones that are responsible for the nutrient and water uptake.   

If you think we missed something, you can comment below. We will surely appreciate your contribution! 

Handle Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) with This 

Do you know that there are things in the house that are hazardous but we oftentimes overlook them? Yes, that is right. The empty bottles and other garbage that you just throw away with no second thoughts may be some of the hazardous materials that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to be disposed of properly. The thing is that this can be inconvenient to homeowners, especially without proper knowledge about these things.   

Proper waste management is more than just hiring junk removal in Midland TX or any companies that provide excellent junk removal services; as homeowners, we also need to do our part such as knowing which materials should be disposed of properly.   

But what is really a hazardous material, specifically that which is found in households? Hazardous waste is a discarded part of a household product that contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment and/or living organisms including human beings. This product cannot and should not be discarded or thrown in regular garbage bins. Most hazardous products contain labels such as CAUTION, WARNING, FLAMMABLE, POISONOUS, TOXIC, EXPLOSIVE, CORROSIVE, or REACTIVE and therefore should not be thrown in regular trash cans. Otherwise, they will end up in landfills and will contaminate the soil and groundwater.  

When it comes to hazardous liquids, draining them in your sink or toilet is also not a good idea, as well as burning toxic materials. They may spread to other areas and affect some living things.   

The following are the items that residential trash collectors do not pick up as they are hazardous to be thrown at the landfill:  

  • Any sort of batteries  
  • An automotive product such as fluids, antifreeze, oil filters, polish, gasoline, and waxes  
  • Any light bulbs   
  • Chemicals you use for cleaning your swimming pools  
  • Any sharp objects like needles, syringes, lancets, and more   
  • Thermometers or anything that contains mercury  
  • Any electronics such as cell phones, computers, laptops, and more  
  • Any paint products as they contain chemicals that may harm the environment   
  • Pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and any chemicals that you use in your garden   
  • Any cleaning chemicals  
  • Prescriptions and medicines  
  • Explosives and any kinds of ammunitions  

Always remember that these items should be carried and thrown by municipal hazardous waste collectors as they are equipped in properly dispose of these items. Moreover, policies regarding the disposal of these items vary from state to state and so, it is imperative that you do your own research in your area. The following are the first steps that are recommended to the homeowners:  

  1. Recycle materials such as used batteries, motor oil, and e-waste   
  1. Search online about how to properly dispose of hazardous items in your city or country as policies may vary   
  1. Find the contact information of any closest waste collection facility or service that collects these HHW items  

It is easy to just throw everything we deem as garbage and not care about how it can impact the environment or living things. However, it is part of our responsibility as homeowners to ensure that the items and products we purchase and use are properly disposed of.